Prevention Treatments

At Queensgate, our prevention treatments are targeted to make people realize the importance of dental hygiene. With healthy oral hygiene, one can prevent a number of dental problems including tooth decay, gum disease and untimely dental erosions. There are three different phase of prevention treatments at Queensgate:

Oral hygiene:

Just like we said, you need to follow a strict oral hygiene regime to keep your smile in a perfect shape. While you will have to start with regular brushing of your teeth, you will also have to pull up all of your commitment to follow the rules strictly. Brushing your teeth twice is the thumb rule of oral health. Each time you brush your teeth, you must spend atleast 2 minutes scrubbing your teeth up and down and left to right. Clean all the areas including the corners and the joints. Brushing directly at the gum line is the ideal way to brush as the plaque formation starts here only. You can choose a manual or an electric toothbrush as per your convince.

While brushing your teeth is important, you must also use floss regularly. Most of the times, we aren’t able to brush in between of the teeth, flossing helps you pull out any residue food stuck in the joints.

Healthy Gums:

Keeping your gums healthy is another essential aspect of overall oral; health. Usually, people focus on brushing their teeth and forget to keep their gums clean and fit. We offer you advice on gums health and gum diseases. Our experts will also guide you how to floss your teeth to prevent gum diseases and other such complications.

Mouth guards:

If you are passionate about sports, you must know the importance of mouth guard. Wearing a well-fitted mouth guard is important to ensure you have your teeth safe during an accident on the field. Mouth Guard is a thick and spongy fitting that has a shape of your teeth line. Mouth guards are also helpful in case of jaw issues or teeth grinding.

At Queensgate, our experts offer complete consultation on preventive measures for a healthy dental hygiene.

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