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Lingual braces

Lingual braces are hidden discreetly behind the teeth of either upper or lower or both the jaws. They are modern and invisible alternative to conventional braces.

Lingual braces sit behind your teeth, hidden away from view.
Who are ideal candidates?
  • These are braces for all faces
  • Any age groups – children, adolescents, adults who wants straight teeth but don’t want their braces to be seen for social, professional reasons
  • Those who can’t cope up or who is not compliant with
  • Invisalign or other clear aligner braces.
  • You guessed it right, yeah many celebrities had lingual braces, few courtesy links below may give you more information of how lingual braces were in the newskate-middleton lingual braces.
How long does it take to finish the treatment?

It varies depending on the complexity of treatment for example

  • Mild crowding takes short time of approximately 3-6 months
  • Moderate crowding takes 6-12 months
  • Severe crowding and in cases where extractions may be needed, it could take approximately 12-24 months
  • Treatment duration can also of course depend of various other factors like cooperation of the patient, Clinician’s skills etc.
Is it Painful?
  • No Pain-No Gain is true in many cases but in these modern days the technology of braces and wires is so advanced that we are trying to reduce pain and discomfort as much as possible
  • First few days after initial fit appointment and tightening visits you may feel mild discomfort but gradually gets better, which varies based on individual patient’s pain threshold.
What Foods should I eat or avoid?

Like in any other fixed braces treatments, avoid anything hard and sticky foods. Examples are crusty bread, bone pieces, Toffee and chewing gum. Cutting big bits into small will help in reducing breakages and few emergency trips to your Orthodontist.

What are pros and cons?
  • Lingual braces may not create a perfect Hollywood smile but can create a smile true to yourselves.
  • It’s to get straight teeth which are aesthetically acceptable and functional.
  • Invisible or hidden.
  • Professionals or celebrities who are in front of a camera can be comfortable enough, few articles mentioned that even Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton too had lingual hidden braces.
  • Lisp – it may gradually get better as you get used to the lingual braces.
  • Lingual braces take up a bit of space in your mouth hence your mouth may feel small while having treatment but after debonding the braces it will get back to normality.
  • Sharpness/irritation to tongue.
Is it Expensive to have Lingual braces treatment done ?
  • It could be expensive but a lot depends on the complexity of the case and also depends on the number of Jaws / teeth to be treated.13-zero-percent-interest-free-instalments
  • They are expensive because they are difficult to access, needs special skills and also come at the expense of Orthodontist’s back pain.
  • Good News is that We offer 0% Interest free easy instalments payment plan.
What are the different makes of Lingual braces?

There are many makes but I’ll mention few Examples here:

  • Incognito Braces
  • STB Lingual system
  • MTM NO Trace
  • in-Ovation L
  • iBraces
  • Suresmile Lingual QT
  • 2D Lingual by Forestadent

Here in this video a patient shares their experience with lingual braces:

Want to find out more about lingual braces?

Book a consultation with one of our expert Burnley dentists who will tell you all about lingual braces in person and how they can be used to transform your smile.

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