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Wbat is Enlighten whitening?

Enlighten whitening is a new dental technique that can make your teeth nice and white again. It’s similar to other whitening techniques, but it also has several benefits that other whitening techniques do not. Read on to find out more!

What’s the difference between Enlighten whitening and normal whitening techniques?

There are several differences between Enlighten and other whitening techniques. Here are the main differences:

  • Great results. Enlighten guarantees that you’ll whiten your teeth by up to sixteen shades. No other whitening system in the world can say that!
  • Lasts longer. The effects of Enlighten whitening can last up to five years, as long as you take good care of your teeth and don’t eat or drink too many foods that stain.
  • Top-up at home. You can top-up at home afterwards to get back to the shade you want.

What does the Enlighten whitening procedure consist of?

There are three stages in Enlighten whitening:

  • First appointment
  • Wear mouth guards at home
  • Final laser treatment
First appointment

At your first consultation, you’ll bite down on a putty-like material. From this, a mould will be made, and then two clear plastic mouth guards will be made to fit neatly over your teeth.

Wear mouth guards at home

After the initial consultation, you’ll take the mouth guards home, where you’ll add the whitening gel to them and then sleep with them in every night for two weeks.

Final laser treatment

Finally, there’s a final laser treatment to seal in the white shade.

How much does Enlighten cost?

Our Enlighten teeth whitening procedures start from £450. Contact reception to find out more!

What do the results look like?







Where can I get Enlighten whitening?

Queensgate Dental offers affordable Enlighten whitening in Burnley. Give one of our friendly receptionists a call on 01282 428435 to book an initial appointment!

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