Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatments are known as Endodontics in clinical science. It is a science that studies the issues and developments related to the pulp inside the tooth. Usually, it is referred as a procedure where the soft tissues at the core of the tooth are treated.

What is root canal treatments?

Human teeth have a pulp buildup at the core of the teeth. This pulp comprises of blood vessels, nerves and various other tissues. The amount of this pulp is higher when we are young and as we age, it becomes over and insignificant after a certain age.

Why may I need a root canal treatment?

A severe toothache is the first and most prominent sign of root canal problem. Due to the pain, the gum around the teeth gets swelled up and the tooth becomes highly sensitive to cold and hot beverages. You can also witness a cavity or discoloration of the tooth as a sign of potential pulp damage.

Deal with the signs on high-priority:

As soon as you notice any of the abovementioned signs, you must come to visit us at Queensland. Although the pain in such cases is severe, it might also go away when the pulp is dead. The drying of pulp means there is no live cell to send signals to the brain. However, this does not mean that the bacteria can’t cause you more damage.

What is the general procedure of Root Canal Treatments?

Root canal treatment is an intricate procedure wherein the experts take out the infected pulp and also any part of the tooth that has been infected. Once removed, a fine filing tool is used to clean the area and put the tooth in shape from within. To ensure no bacteria is live, a disinfectant is used. The final step includes filling gutta-percha in the cavity and sealing the tooth.

Is Root Canal Treatment painful?

Yes, it was painful but not anymore. Today, advanced techniques and anesthesia are used to make the area numb, eliminating most of the pain from the procedure.

What is the aftercare measures of Root Canal?

You may experience a little pain after the treatment is done but it fades away with time. You just need to maintain a brushing and flossing routine to prevent any further complications.

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